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Active Performance is a proud distributor of the Game Ready Cryotherapy machine to the Mining and Construction Industries within Australia

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The Unit
The Game Ready System combines Intermittent Compression with Circumferential Cold Therapy in one fully adjustable, easy-to-use application. RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) has long been used to treat acute and chronic injury and to assist in the recovery and rehabilitation after Orthopaedic surgery. Developed by scientists and doctors using proprietary NASA space suit technology, the Game Ready System combines a powerful, portable control unit and a complete range of ergonomic, dual action wraps to bring proven active cold and compression therapies together like never before.

The Injury Recovery Process
Immediately after suffering a musculoskeletal injury, the body initiates a series of physiological responses to defend surrounding tissues and begin to repair the damage. While inflammation is a natural and necessary mechanism in this process, controlling it effectively can actually allow the body to enter the later stages of healing faster. Faster, deeper, longer lasting intramuscular cooling slows cellular metabolism, helping the body to minimise secondary tissue damage – and less damage means faster recovery

Until now, the RICE (Rest-Ice-Compression-Elevation) principles have been used to passively control symptoms, moderating pain and swelling. But Game Ready® does more. Going beyond static cold and compression applications, ACCEL Technology proactively aids lymphatic function, encourages cellular oxygen supply, and stimulates tissue repair. That is, it helps accelerate and enhance recovery.

Benefits of Game Ready to the Heavy Industries
Employees of mining companies and within the heavy industries are often engaged in physically demanding jobs that involve lifting, climbing, pushing, pulling and twisting. Often times these tasks are required to be performed repetitively and in varied postures all whilst exerting physical force and often over prolonged periods. These activities place extraordinary stress on the workers’ bodies and can result in a variety of injuries and require treatment. Time lost from the job site results in lost dollars for the employer. Our goal as occupational health specialists is to keep employees healthy throughout their careers and reduce the number of days each worker loses to injury.

For years many leading sports organisations around the world have been using Game Ready as it is acknowledged as the gold standard in acute soft tissue injury management. Now many mining companies have recognised the value Game Ready can play in helping their employees recover from injuries quickly.

Game Ready improves on traditional ice packs by combining adjustable cold therapy and intermittent compression in a portable device, making it easier for injured worker to apply the two most difficult to manage aspects of the RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) treatment regimen.

Within mining operations many injuries are relatively minor and can be treated as first aid cases rather than becoming recordable injuries. In these first aid cases, Game Ready prevents workers from missing time at work. For more serious soft tissue injuries Game Ready can reduce the time employees must spend on “modified duty” after an injury. This means that an employee can more quickly return to “full duty.”


What clients are saying about Game Ready
  • AP introduced the GAME READY to South32 several years ago. In consultation with the company Doctor, Physiotherapist and ESO’s, GAME READY is used to treat all our musculoskeletal injuries. The results speak for themselves; increased compliance to treatment, less pain medications administered, faster recovery of injury and quicker return to work. We could not do without the GAME READY device. It’s easy to use and provides us with the results we’re looking for.
    Clint Roche Emergency Services Supervisor South 32
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